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Glass lighted columns


Glass lighted columns are open and designers have succeeded in designing a beautiful place to live, so you go into the living room will look stunning scenery. Using crystal column with lights are illuminated vivid colors like pink, green and socking in the room. make eye that will look amazed with the interior design room of interest to all those who sit and relax there.


Design on crystal columns


Design on crystal columns with interior design carefully planned resulting in a dwelling that is amazing. Modern crystal block column is very refreshing. Bright colors are very well chosen and have the perfect decoration applications. You’ll love the lighting provided, contact openness and straight to the villa, which has been welcoming feeling and the right place to socialize.


Decorative indoor columns for homes


Decorative indoor columns for homes make you to realize our dream to build a dream home that fit there are many ways and a lot of inspiration. Therefore need the decorative glass columns that can accommodate your needs in creating a dream home. This time we display an unusual house design, with a quiet interior decoration columns to come true the homes.


China roman pillar manufacturers


China roman pillar manufacturers are an art, glass roman pillar can set you apart, crystal glass reflect's your surroundings, and bring that signature piece to your room. Crystal roman pillar to highlight and feature rooms and homes, let us design what you desire for and what your guests can only dream of.


Modern interior roman pillars for sales


Modern interior roman pillars for sales come in variety of colors so you can find the right one to match your table furniture. Using glass pillar for walls in the bathroom shower makes good design sense. This is because you can choose a color to match your color theme. Not only that crystal roman pillar is easy to clean and looks great in the bathroom shower.


Decorative glass lighted pillars with lights interior


The interior glass pillars are lead-free and devoid of other dangerous metals. Even during manufacturing, interior decorative pillars are absolutely free from pollutants, making interior glass pillars are safe option for the health and the environment. Being a 'green' product, decorative pillars interior can also be completely recycled.


Glass block for pillar

 Glass block for pillar offers a wide variety of products, ranging from individual glass pillar blocks to ready to be installed glass block wall. Having many years of experience in this industry, we are able to cater to both residential and commercial business. Our team of experts can help you the most difficult of projects.

Bubble pillar with indoor decorative pillars


Bubble pillar offers a variety of crystal glass products such as glass balustrade, glass wall, glass table legs, glass partition and other project applications to meet your decorative and interior needs, or maybe you're simply looking for glass that's scratch-resistant or easy-to-clean.


New fused glass counter top for hotel lobby

New glass counter top for your countertop instead of traditional formica ,stone or tile will brighten any kitchen. The "depth" of a glass countertop catches the light in a way no stone can match. Durable and easy to clean, crystal glass counter top can also be coloured(on the reverse side) to match any decor or color scheme. Matching backsplashes are also available.


Modern cast glass counter top


If using glass as a material for bathroom countertops seems inappropriate, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise? Modern cast glass counter top as a crystal glass countertop material, crystal glass looks and feels like granite but has the advantage of being non-porous. As a result, you will never need to reseal the countertop and it is naturally stain and chemical resistant.



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