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« The advantage of glass counter top for batheroom/kitchenSolid surface glass countertops »

Glass tile countertop for bar


Glass tile countertop is Luminous. Luxurious of glass countertop kitchen. Crisp and clean. Divas Glass architectural glass brings you the latest in solid glass surfaces, providing the perfect finishing touch for your contemporary environment. With Glass tile countertop, it’s easy to add a brilliant splash of color virtually anywhere glass, tile or stone can be used: Kitchen backsplashes glass b,athroom vanity tops ,Shower walls ,Fireplaces ,Accent walls ,Retail display environments.


Glass bar countertops combining with LED lighting, Divas Glass has created countertops that literally glow, creating an ambiance appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications. While the lights are available in either True White or RGB, the RGB option allows hundreds of different colors to be programmed by remote control.

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